TRENDCONCRETE designs and fabricates high quality concrete furnishings. Our fine products are the result of many years in perfecting this medium of liquid stone to create enduring quality and unique style for indoor and outdoor furnishings. TRENDCONCRETE’s surface finish is exceptionally smooth and durable. Products are hand-crafted in Vietnam with US technology to the smallest details to ensure a refreshing living environment.



Our method

• Our concrete mix is a high-strength GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), utilizing super plasticizer, glass fiber, proprietary additives for stronge but flexible bonding. This well balanced formula turns concrete into a durable material with endless possibilities.

• Products are cast with extremely low water to cement ratio.

• We hand polish the surfaces smooth to the touch and finally sealed with 3 coats of hardener sealer that acts as a protective layer while enhancing the natural color of the concrete.

• We create our own design and make our clients’ concepts come true through our experienced designers and engineers.




TRENDCONCRETE furnishings are hand-crafted in Vietnam and offer timeless elegance, durability, standards compliance, and amazingly versatile design options.